Works24 Causes

Using business as a tool to multiply the amount we can give.

Brian Hill volunteering in Uganda.
Marla Hill volunteering in Uganda.

In Uganda, Brian and Marla Hill helped dig wells, run a medical clinic and and support a girls' school that offers academics and practical skills training.

Can you use a business to change the world?


Throughout his life, Brian Hill's parents told him again and again, "Wherever you are in life, make sure that it's better because you were there."

Brian and his wife, Marla, took this advice to heart when they started Works24. The Hills wanted their company to have a broad, positive impact, one that extended far beyond our staff and clients. They implemented a unique business model that would allow the company to grow and give at the same time. In addition to donating time and money to numerous cause organizations, we work directly with nonprofit institutions to help them generate income in a sustainable way.

"We feel it is our responsibility to share our success and blessings with charitable organizations that need a sustainable way to fund their mission," Hill says.

It's our way of changing the world.