Overhead Music

Set the tone for your company with professional Internet radio for businesses

How Many Music Channels Do You Have?

56 and counting!

Click the button below to see and hear our channels:

How Easy Is It To Change My Music Channels?

Completely effortless.

You can change music channels and volume remotely via your own computer or directly on the unit.

What Type Of Equipment Do You Provide?

State of The Art Streaming Audio Player (not satellite, which can be affected by weather) that uses minimal bandwidth.

Also, we provide free service, software and hardware upgrades to the equipment for as long as you have our system.


What Type Of Service Do You Provide On Equipment?
Free. If anything happens to your equipment we repair it or replace it for free.
What Do We Need For This To Work At Our Location?
Speakers, amplifier and our streaming audio player. If you already have speakers and an amplifier that's great. We just plug the output of our unit into your amplifier and you're good to go.
How Does Your Equipment Get The Music Signals?
It's a state-of-the-art streaming audio player (not satellite, which can be affected by weather) that connects to your network and uses minimal bandwidth.
Are There Commercials With The Music?
No. This is professional, commercial-free music.
What If I Wanted To Have A Custom Message Play Between The Music? Is That Possible?
Our service plays music only.
Is The Music Licensed?
Yes. It's professional, commercial-free music.
What Does Your Equipment Connect To?
The input is a network connection, and the output is to your amplifier, which connects to the speakers in your ceiling.
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