On Hold Messaging

Communicate with thousands ... one person at a time

Callers love our engaging messages. Listen for yourself:  

How Easy Is It To Change My On Hold Messages?

It's super-easy!

We are known for having the EASIEST TO USE interface in the entire marketing industry and have literally hundreds of testimonies to support that claim.

What Types of Messages Do You Have?

Anything you want:

  • Custom written and recorded messages
  • Pre-built libraries with thousand of messages for specific industries, like…
    • Banking/Credit Union
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Veterinary
    • And More
  • Record your own messages with Record24™
  • You can even play your own radio spots

Is Your Service Compatible With Our Phone System?


Whether you have one incoming phone line or hundreds, we are compatible with any phone system. We have analog, VoIP, and cloud-based message delivery options.


Can I Get Custom Messages?
Yes. Just give us the concept and we will write and professionally record the messages for you. Or, you can submit your own scripts for professional recording.
Can I Preplan Messages To Start At A Future Date?
Yes. You can preplan message changes to begin any time in the future. There is no limitation.
Can I Play Messages At Specific Locations?
Yes. Depending upon your phone system and its capabilities, the majority of our clients have the ability to play specific messages at specific locations.
Can I Do Date Drops?
Yes. You can easily set up message changes to coincide with your marketing calendar, holidays or special events.
If I Need Something Changed Fast, How Quickly Can I Get That Done?
You can change your messages through our online interface and have them playing on hold in 60 minutes or less.
Can We Use Our Own Voice Talent?
Yes. Even if they are in a different city, state or country.
Can We Play Our Own Radio Spots On Hold?
Yes. All you need is the voice file and it can easily be done.
Do You Offer Spanish Messages?
What Equipment Do You Install?
State-of-the-art digital playback equipment. If your phone system doesn't require equipment, then we provide the appropriate sound file that can be loaded into your phone system .
What Type Of Service Do You Provide On Equipment?
Free. If anything happens to your equipment we repair it or replace it for free.
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